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Recorded on
17th Sep 2015
11:00a EDT
Supply Chain
Lester Pierre
David Dilley
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2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Update

Please register now to REPLAY the original braodcast from XtremeGIS and our special guest presenter David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations. David will provide his insights on the rest of the 2015 US Hurricane Season as well as an update on the long term outlook for the next four years.

Risk managers that are keeping an eye on the rest of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season will benefit from the information provided in this webinar.

Understand Why:

  •  Mainstream hurricane forecaster methods got it wrong last year!
  •  Our hurricane forecast method got it right for the past 9 years!
  •  Our US hurricane forecast method has been 90% accurate since 2006
  •  Certain areas are at a higher risk of landfall

Register to get out in front of:

  •  Business Continuity Planning
  •  Emergency Preparedness
  •  Demand Surge Logistics and Opportunities

The XtremeGIS Team will demonstrate their latest risk management tools for Tropical Cyclones as featured by Forbes. Learn how many organizations are using this solutions throughout their organization to gain new insights into planning and managing natural and manmade hazards.

Now available in the XtremeGIS application platform.

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